Welcome all Lincoln Alumni! Be it from The American Grammar & High School (AGHS) in Belgrano, or the Lincoln (ACS, AEL or AISBA) in La Lucila we welcome you. My name is David L, Bishton ’72, I am the founder of the ACS Alumni Association, established in 1978 and served as President from 1978 – 1999. The purpose of the ACSAA is to reconnect with long lost friends and classmates via reunions and the Gaucho Gazette newsletter and Alumni Directory. The ACSAA is open to anyone who went to AGHS or Lincoln, be it one year or the full twelve years. Reunions have been held both in the United States and Argentina and has active alumni from 1935 to the present.

If you would like to reconnect or try and locate someone, please go to our web site. The web site has all the information you would need to join, to get in touch with your class representative and give you a history of the ACSAA. The school has established an Alumni office and can be reached at

Web Site

American Community School Alumni Association (ACSAA)



ACS Alumni Association
15326 Florwood Av
Lawndale, CA


5 thoughts on “ACSAA

  1. Looking for Joe Coker, student at Lincoln School, High School 1964 – 66 approx. Would love to hear any news from him – can you help? Thanks so much.

  2. I’d love to hear from anyone I knew there, from the late 50’s to the early 60’s.
    Ana [Nancy] Beaulac

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