The Lincoln Alumni Committee is committed to fostering continued connections amongst our Alumni community and Asociación Escuelas Lincoln. Our aim is to encourage and support lasting relationships within the community of graduates of Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photos published in our site header were taken by John Lowell, Lincoln Alumni, Class of 1976.


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  1. I finished 7th grade at Lincoln, back in….gulp! 1964! To this day, my 3 years here were the best years of my life, and the best schooling I ever had. It is lonely to have lost touch with all the wonderful friends I had, since back then, long distance telephoning was costly and of course, no internet. Recently, my daughter discovered that one of her professors was a student at Lincoln for years overlapping mine! His memories are rather different from mine, even as to the physical layout of the building, but even so, it was meaningful to connect with my past…though the memories of Argentina are never far from my mind, even now. So…if anyone from the recent dinosaur age of the 1960’s is out there reading this, please see if we can’t keep in touch to talk about how the rest of our lives turned out. As for me, I became a registered architect in New York State, am now retired and managing a small liquor store; my husband continues to practice law in our little town of 2000 people plus the large Amish population around us. Two of my daughters have been bitten by the travel bug and wish to move to France…Speaking of long lost friends — here are some: Pamela Pritula, Laura Ingersoll, Patrick Shaha, Michael Samson. One of my best teachers was Mr. Lustig; I also loved Mrs. Leuster, (sp?) the librarian. Saludos!

    • cannot believe it…another dinosaur!!! I graduated from Lincoln in 1963 and I, also, have tremendous and wonderful memories of my year there. I loved every single second of life in BA…..have gone back periodically over the years but miss the 1960’s!!! Even the wonderful collectivos, empanadas (which they are now baking instead of frying…who does that?), the wonderful club Atilier right on Libertador near the school and the Embers where we all congregated after class. My mother taught a semester of Biology there….Mrs. Gavin. Perhaps you have heard of her. I went on to get my MS in hospital administration at Northwestern in Chicago and was married, albeit for a short time, to an Argentine. Hope you see this note…..Lynne Gavin

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