Thank you for coming!

Thank you to all of our alumni who attended this year’s International Day. It was wonderful to see you all!  We hope to see you at our next event! Thank you to the PAL team for always welcoming us to the beloved Lincoln Community event!



International Day is coming!

All Lincoln alumni are cordially invited to attend the Annual Lincoln International Day organized by PAL (Parents At Lincoln) on Saturday,  November 3rd.  The event will begin at 10:30 am  and end by 3:30 pm.  The day will be filled with wonderful food in representation of the different nationalities that currently attend Lincoln, as well as fun activities and guest performances.

Tickets will be sold at the door and throughout the venue.

All Alumni (and family members) who wish to attend should register by completing our Alumni Registration Form

All Passport and DNI numbers submitted must be presented at the Lincoln gate on Saturday, November 3rd. You will receive an email to confirm that your attendance has been confirmed.

Hope to see you there!!!!

Summer Visits and Back to School!

This past school holiday we had the pleasure of hosting a campus tour for Mary Beth Simons, Class of 1975, having been at Lincoln between 1969 and 1972.  Mary Beth took a look at all the recent features of our beautiful campus with her family.   It is always a pleasure to see our alumni back on campus!

To all our current students, welcome back to school and we hope you have a fabulous 2018-19 school year!




ACSAA Scholarship Awards 2018

This year´s recipients of the Iris Lestani Scholarship and the Jim Gill and Claudia Cansler Zaunbrecher Award were awarded at the Lincoln Graduation Ceremony held on June 16th. We were all fortunate enough to have Mr. Gregory Dayton Mohl of Class of 1971, and Ms. Iris Lestani present at the ceremony to award the deserving recipients.

Gregory Dayton Mohl graduated from Lincoln in 1971 and went on to pursue his passion for acting.  He gained local notoriety for having played Superman in 1994 for the local comedy special, Cha Cha Cha.  He went on to perform in several films including his portrayal of Her Muller in the 1996 film El Hombre que Capturó a Eichmann.  Among his credits Gregory is also known for having performed alongside Robert Duvall in the 2002 film,  Assasination Tango.

Gregory Dayton Mohl, Class of 1971 & Iris Lestani

We want to congratulate  Andrea Kim and Malen Iglesias for being awarded this scholarship and we welcome them into our alumni community.  We also want to thank Gregory Dayton Mohl, our very own Superman who represented ACSAA as our speaker at this year´s graduation.

Andrea Kim & Iris Lestani

Malen Iglesias & Iris Lestani

The presentation of the Awards

Alumni Visits and Career Day Speakers

This past month Lincoln saw a few alumni on campus.  On May 17th Lincoln High School hosted Career day, including two alumni presenters.  Dr. Edgardo Rolla, a renowned Reproductive Medicine Specialist, and a regular participant, along with the addition of Vanina Chiappino a Sustainability Entrepeneur who presented her Sustainability Brand, Positive Label.


We also saw visits from Jasdeep Lamba, Class of 2004, who enjoyed touring our campus and finding his name on the Mario Argerich Award Plaque in our Gymnasium.

Jasdeep Lamba, Class of 2004


2018 Lincoln Campus View

Last month, John Lowell from Class of 1976 was visiting Buenos Aires, and stopped by our campus.  Below are some of the photos John took of our school during his visit,  which are now featured on our blog permanently as our header images.  Please see  below, to get a sneak peak of what Lincoln Campus looks like today.  Thank you again John for your keen photographic eye!

Scroll down for all photos and bonus view of an older, but never forgotten Lincoln building.

Mansion, side view. Currently Administrative Offices

Lincoln Auditorium

Lincoln High School

Lincoln Auditorium and Patio

Lincoln Bridge to Sports Fields over the Middle School

Lincoln Middle School Balcony and Field

Mansion 1st Floor Alumni Center

Lincoln Cafeteria

Mr. Czarnik s Classroom



Did you attend the American Grammar and High School in Belgrano? Are you wondering what this campus looks like today?  Currently a retirement home, our old High School is still considered a vibrant historical building in Belgrano. If you have any fun facts or stories to share of either campuses, please let us know in the comments!


Profe Laurita and Campus Visits

We have received some interesting news from community members and enjoyed a few visits during the month of March, here at Lincoln Campus.

Our very own, Profe Laurita, just won second place in his age category at the 29th National Chess Olympiad in Argentina.   He’s still sharp at 93! Congratulations Profe!  We are so proud of you!

Profe Laurita at the 2018 Chess Competition

So far this month we had the pleasure of two alumni visits:

Terry McGrath Laikko attended Lincoln Elementary and Middle School from  1969 to 1972. She and her husband was surprised with how much our Middle School has grown. It was great having them on Campus!

Terri McGrath

John Lowell who left in Grade 11, but is a member of the Class of 1976, stopped by today. He was impressed by our Gym and was excited to see our pool which was in construction in the year he left Lincoln.